Jaccobb's The-reincarnation Stack Calculator

Jaccobb's The-reincarnation Stack Calculator

Simply select your units and put in amounts. Your units will automatically be ranked as you add them.
You can 'grab' your units; copy the list straight from the disband page and paste
in the box. Make sure all the unit names and amounts are copied.
08/28/2011- All unit values updated BETA Changes.

Battle PwrNet PowerGeldManaPopPower %
Calculator by Jaccobb. Comments/Bugs to


paker said...

Have fun and enjoy using it :)

SunWukong said...


Thumbs up!!!!!!

Vipriel said...

It works! Thanks Jaccobb! :)


zedrix said...

The ads are now covering some portion of it -.-

Gee-Cube said...

Zedrix: What browser are you using? I'm using Firefox and the screen looks okay.

zedrix said...

im using chrome and the ads are blocking some portion of the power percentage.

Mark said...

meron din ba calculator ng buhay ng tao? hehehe mga adik kau TR pa din :p [M]eteora

paker said...
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paker said...

gusto mo compute ko na buhay mo kung hanggang kelan pa tatagal ang paghihirap mo? haha