Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What Is My IP Address

I just learned a cool new site from my MBA INFOTE Professor:

This site functions like tracert, but for dummies. It allows you to trace your network hops from an external server to your computer.

I also learned a few more cool stuff:

  1. IP Headers are VERY helpful, especially in e-mails. When you receive a hate mail, for instance, you can actually trace where it came from through the IP Headers. I didn't know about this one until our session.
  2. You can use IP Address locators to find out from which location a person is through the IP Address.
  3. You can also install a hidden app in your gadget (say, your iPhone or your laptop) that you can activate when your device gets stolen. It sends a screenshot of the person who opened the device, and a GPS location of where your device is. Now you can fight back when your stuff gets stolen!
  4. I also learned of a new search engine aside from Google and Bing: Wolfram Alpha. The data, although a bit outdated (if you buy the Pro version, you might get the updated ones) shows comprehensive information especially when you're comparing two or more items.

I'm looking forward to learning more stuff from class!