Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Diablo 3 Female Witch Doctor - Looks Like Rihanna

Okay so I've been into Diablo 3 for the past few months since it was released and so far, I have been enjoying. I already have two characters at max level (level 60): KrisAquino the Wizard, and Inday the Demon Hunter. I decided to name my wizard that way because she looked like the Philippines' Queen of All Media back in her glorious days (yes, when she was still thin and very pleasant). Of course my Demon Hunter was named that way because Demon Hunter = DH (acronym), and DH in colloquial terms means Domestic Helper... and the most common name of helpers is Inday.

Anyway, I recently started on my Witch Doctor and named her Manang because since I already have an Inday, the local names kind of sticked to me hehe. On my loading screen, I couldn't help but notice the familiar face of the witch doctor in front of me -- she looks a lot like Rihanna! Hahaha. Sorry Rihanna fans but I can really see the similarities: the forehead, the small lips, that aura... Here's the proof:

What do you guys think? =P I don't know if Blizzard did this intentionally or this type of face is pretty common. Anyway, I put a mask on her as her headgear so I'm not bothered by her face. Lol.