Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So I told myself I wouldn't buy any Gunpla this lent. Luckily, I still haven't. =P I'm trying so hard to resist all the temptation and buying but I really have to stick to this Lenten sacrifice. I hope I can manage the next 25 days.

Anyway, since I couldn't buy any gunpla, I decided to work slowly (as in really SLOW) on my backlogs. The first of my victims is Kururu from the Sgt. Keroro series. He's the yellow, cunning frog with an evil laugh and a lot of spirals in his body. Here's a short review, but unfortunately I don't have any pictures to show the details. I have to wait for my own DSLR before I can actually post stuff (my bridge camera is with Marc, and my digicam is dying).

The box only has very few sprues, mainly because this kit is small. I actually like the plastic because it's glossy and very easy to clean. I didn't attempt to sand at all because I felt that the sanded part would lose its glossy texture.

Also what I like about this kit is that it comes with two sets of hands and feet. One set has flexible elbows, while the other set is just fixed. It also comes with three weapons (one for each hand, and one that can be stuck to its tail). Finally, what I really like is that it has two eye expressions you can interchange. The first is the spiral one (as seen in the picture), and the other is like shattered glass (sorry, no pic).

What I don't like about this kit is that the stickers get distorted when you put them on the surface.And the mistakes I made are pretty obvious, probably because the stickers are so thick. You really have to be careful when you put them on, shaky hands are a no-no (I should've asked someone with steady hands to do those for me). I wish they had decals for this instead. 

But overall, I am satisfied with this kit. It's as big as my Pikachu. So now I have two yellow cuties in my cabinet.

Size comparison with Pikachu