Sunday, December 18, 2011


Last month while I attended a Gundam Model Kit competition, I came across a really cute box in one of the toy stores at the mall where the competition was held. The yellow box immediately caught my attention, and I just had to stop and took quite some time to decide if I should buy it or not. Finally I thought I should just ask for it as a gift in our office Kris Kringle.

At first I kind of regret that I didn't buy that, but after a month, during our Kris Kringle final revelation, I was so happy that my "Daddy" gave me what I've been drooling over for the past couple of weeks! Finally, Pikachu is mine!

What I like about this is that you actually have to assemble the parts for Pika to come to life. Of course I had to use my noob gunpla tools and sand a couple of parts to make Pika look smooth and really clean. Initially, I planned on adding a clear, flat topcoat but it was raining that night and some really good gunpla teachers told me that painting during the rain, cold, and at night would produce bad results. And so I left Pika as is.

I'm really happy with how Pika turned out to be. Cute, yellow, and happy. :) Here are a few pictures:

Pika amazed with the GMail Interface

Pika on my Starbucks planner

Pika messing with my notes

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