Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gundams: Strike Noir & Exia

Marc and I bought Gundams last weekend, one fake and one original hehe.
Strike Noir (1/144)
Manufacturer: HONG LI
Price: 250

Exia Repair II (1/144)
Manufacturer: Bandai
Price: 680

The finished products are surprisingly almost similar. And the Hong Li brand is almost as good as the original Bandai. Here are some difference:
  • Colors. Those from Ban Dai have really bright, crisp colors . Hong Li, on the other hand, had faded versions of those colors.
  • Joints. The Ban Dai toys have more accurate "snaps" especially with the joints. The Hong Li version can be a bit difficult at times -- either too loose or too tight.
  • Price. Hongli is waaay cheaper. And it comes with a stand, too!
Overall, Marc is satisfied with the Hongli brand considering its price. Strike Noir vs. Exia, who'd win?
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