Monday, December 8, 2008

Music: Alanis Morisette

Canadian-American singer Alanis Morisette recently launched her latest album entitled Flavors of Entanglement after 4 years. This new album has 11 songs written by the artist, all of which incorporates personal and political themes. Here is the song list:

1. "Citizen of the Planet" Alanis Morissette, Guy Sigsworth 4:22
2. "Underneath" Morissette, Sigsworth 4:07
3. "Straitjacket" Morissette, Sigsworth 3:08
4. "Versions of Violence" Morissette, Sigsworth 3:36
5. "Not as We" Morissette, Sigsworth 4:45
6. "In Praise of the Vulnerable Man" Morissette, Sigsworth 4:07
7. "Moratorium" Morissette, Sigsworth 5:35
8. "Torch" Morissette, Sigsworth 4:50
9. "Giggling Again for No Reason" Morissette, Sigsworth 3:48
10. "Tapes" Morissette, Sigsworth 4:26
11. "Incomplete" Morissette, Sigsworth 3:30

This album sounds different from her other albums. Her songs are more upbeat yet more emotional, more techno with a tinge of classic from her piano-playing. Her Versions of Violence has a trance feel into it, but the next song (Not as We) takes you back to her good old piano.

Personally, I find it awkward hearing Alanis with all those sound manipulations and technical modifications (or whatever you call that). I think she should just stick to her normal, angst-ful style of singing because the addition of techno in her sound is a bit too.. awkward. I guess you should hear it for yourself!