Monday, September 22, 2008

Geek Trivia: Windows Secrets II

Did you know that you cannot create a blank folder in Windows?

If you rename it to [BLANK] (that is, delete the Folder Name), Windows will automatically rename it back to the Folder Name.

Even if you rename it to (' ') SPACE, Windows will still rename it back to its Folder Name.

But! Here's a technique I'll share with you on how to rename your folder to blank:
  • Highlight the folder you want to rename
  • Press F2, or Right-click > Rename
  • Hold [ALT]
  • Press the number keys: [2] [5] [5]
And you'll get a blank to use for your folder!
An alternative for this is also using [ALT] + 0160.

Why is that? Well, learn your Ascii, my friend!

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