Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Geek News: World Of Warcraft Movie?

There's a lot of buzz currently among the WoW community because of the upcoming live-action adaptation of the popular PC game, World Of Warcraft.

Currently the movie is still in production but is scheduled to go live in 2009. The production company that will work on World of Warcraft the Movie is Legendary Pictures (Superman Returns, Batman Begins, 300). At the moment, the cast and crew have not been identified yet. The budget for the film will be at US$ 100 million and will be focused on what the essence of Warcraft is: Humans vs. Orcs.

Wow, I'm actually looking forward to this! Although I haven't really played the game, I have some pretty good idea about what Warcraft is all about (I played Warcraft I, II, and III, and I'm currently addicted to W3: Defence of the Ancients). Hopefully we'll get to see some kickass badass Warcraft film in 2009. :)

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