Friday, September 19, 2008

G-Cube VGHotW: Dante

Dante. What a sexy name. He is the main protagonist of the popular video game, Devil May Cry. He is muscular, has silver hair and is usually seen wearing red clothes. He is a mercenary whose primary purpose is to exterminate demons. And he is this week's G-Cube Video Game Hunk of the Week.

Dante's mission stems from his pursuit of those who killed his mother and corrupted his brother. He possesses superhuman abilities because of his demonic heritage -- he his the son of a powerful demon that rebelled against the Emperor and defeated His army. Here are some facts about Dante:

  • His personality was based on the titular character of manga series Cobra
  • One of his weapons is the "Ebony and Ivory", twin handguns that never have to be reloaded
  • He is able to enter the "devil trigger" state because of his demonic heritage. In this state, Dante possesses more speed, steady health regeneration, and further abilities with his equipped melee weapon
  • His twin brother's name is Vergil

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