Monday, August 25, 2008

Geek Tips: Windows Hot Keys

For the not-so-enthusiastic-mouse-users, Microsoft Windows has hotkeys and shortcuts that would make your life easier! To save yourself the time and energy of moving your hand from the keyboard to the mouse pad, here are some hot keys for Windows XP or Vista users:
  • Press [Windows key] + D: To Show Desktop
  • Press [Windows key] + E: To open Windows Explorer
  • Press [Windows key] + R: To open the Run window
  • Press [Windows key] + M: Minimize all windows
  • Press [Windows key] + L: Lock Computer
  • Press [Windows key] + F: Open Search Explorer
  • [Alt] + [Tab]: Coolswitch - Switch to the next window to the right
  • [Shift] + [Alt] + [Tab]: Coolswitch - Switch to the next window to the left
When browsing or when viewing documents, other hot keys can also be used as an alternative to the Page Up and Page Down buttons. Not entirely a shortcut, but in case your keyboard messes up:
  • [Shift] + [Space] = Page Up
  • [Space] = Page Down
Do you know other hot keys or short cuts? Send me a note

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